DLYX DataLayer Proxy
DLYX DataLayer Proxy
Way More Accurate Data and Much Better Compliance 
 with True Server-side Tracking. 
Server-side Google Analytics Tracking DLYX DataLayer Proxy

Server-side Google Analytics Tracking with DLYX DataLayer Proxy

  • insights
    Up to 100% accurate user data
    Comprehensive Google Analytics Tracking despite of
    cookie banners and browser protection.
  • verified_user
    Natural user privacy protection
    Our server-side tracking solution isolates the user browser from Google Analytics. No PI or PII is communicated, only vital shop performance data.
  • update
    DataLayer API integration
    Unhindered use of the existing DataLayer and standard tracking configuration via Google Tag Manager.
  • speed
    Optimized pagespeed
    Lightning-fast page speed due to client-side JavaScript with approx. 3 KB.
  • shopping_cart
    Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking
    Processing of e-commerce data via the dataLayer is integrated in the DLYX solution.
  • euro
    On-premise license models
    We offer suitable license models for every website and online shop, with 100% data control.

With DLYX DataLayer Proxy, almost all of the tracking scripts move from the user browser to a server, which means that only the server communicates with Google Analytics, not the user browser. Processing of the dataLayer, however, stays unimpaired and works in the same way as with Google Tag Manager, including all your accustomed E-Commerce events.

Additionally, all Tags, Variables and Triggers can be built in your standard Google Tag Manager user interface and subequently imported to your DLYX environment.

Any dataLayer push events will automatically be sent to the DataLayer Proxy, processed and forwarded to Google Analytics via the Measurement Protocol.

DLYX does not completely dispense with JavaScript, so additional technical information as well as user interactions can be monitored in the browser.

Server-side Google Analytics Tracking DLYX DataLayer Proxy

Browsers can easily detect and prevent standard JavaScript-based tracking, either through privacy features such as ITP and ETP or through widely used ad blockers such as AdBlock and Ghostery.

Restricting JavaScript access to cookies and other storage elements of the browser is another frequently encountered and ever-increasing reason for failed web tracking. These measures include shortened cookie lifespan, as well as access prevention regarding SessionStorage, LocalStorage and IndexDB.

Server-side tracking bypasses a browser's tracking prevention mechanisms, and this is exactly what DLYX the DataLayer Proxy does.

Browser können das Tracking komplett unterbinden und den JavaScript-Zugriff auf Cookies und andere Browser-Speicher einschränken.
Ergebnis: Tracking funktioniert ganz normal

Chrome without Tracking Protection
Outcome: Tracking is functional

Ergebnis: GTM wird ausgeführt, das Analytics Tracking wird jedoch blockiert

Firefox with AdBlocker Extension
Outcome: GTM is functional, Analytics tracking is blocked

Ergebnis: GTM und Analytics wird komplett blockiert

Brave Browser with strict tracking protection
Outcome: Both GTM and Analytics are blocked

Test DLYX's capabilities with various browsers and browser settings:

demo & pages
  1. Set up your Google Analytics Property.
  2. Build your Google Tag Manager Container.
  3. Upload the DLYX Script to your server.
  4. Import your previously built GTM Container.
  5. Integrate a JavaScript in your template — done.
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