DLYX DataLayer Proxy
DLYX DataLayer Proxy

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Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager vs. DLYX

Chrome tracking Test

Chrome without Tracking Protection
Result: Tracking works quite normally.

Firefox tracking Test

Firefox with AdBlocker
Result: GTM is running, but Analytics tracking is blocked. DLYX is running.

Brave tracking Test

Brave Browser
Result: GTM and Analytics tracking is blocked. DLYX still running.

Page Examples

Open different Browser and check this Analytics tracking methods with different browser settings like ITP or ETP and activate common blockers like AdBlock or Ghostery.

Homepage Content Page Contact & Conversion EEC Product Detail + AddToCart EEC Checkout Success EC Transaction

DataLayer Data for active Page Example

window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
    "pageType": "homepage",
    "visitorType": "external"

Tracking Request Results

Your User-Agent: CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)

Google Tag Manager + Google Analytics

  • done
    DataLayer HTML-Code Inegration incl. Push Events
  • block
    Google Tag Manager
    GTM JavaScript file loaded and processed.
     self hostet gtm.js file also blocked 
  • block
    Google Analytics
    Load analytics.js file and send GA-request
Google Analytics Requests:

DLYX DataLayer Proxy

  • done
    DataLayer (same as GTM + GA)
    DataLayer HTML-Code Inegration incl. Push Events
  • done
    DLYX Proxy
    Tracking configuration via GTM-JSON Import.
  • done
    server-side Google Analytics tracking
    All Google Analytics requests are Server 2 Server
server-side Google Analytics Requests:

The DLYX DataLayer Proxy moves most tracking scripts from the browser to a server. The processing of the DataLayer works like the Google Tag Manager — of course all e-commerce events are taken into account.

More informations: www.dlyx.io

Google Analytics Tracking with the DLYX DataLayer Proxy